Charge Your EVs,
Anywhere and Anytime
PYLONEER’s smart electric vehicle charge system called ‘Zeeing’ provides a variety of charging services to electric vehicle users. The smart meter, easily installed in the switchboard, monitors the entire connected power outlet module in the building. When installed with the provided smart controller, anyone can easily build their own smart charging station that can charge many electric vehicles automatically.
Your smart charging station
PYLONEER revolutionizes electric vehicle charging with smart grid technology
  • SNU x IDIM Smart Factory Power Monitoring Research Project
    SNU Entrepreneurship Center, Winner of Strange Idea Comp.
    International SMART Competition, Gold Prize
    SNU x KRAFTON Startup Convention, Grand prize
  • Selected as Youth Entrepreneurship Academy
    Selected as Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Startup-NEST
    Selected as HaeDong Junior Startup
    SNAAC 1st stage, Grand prize
    Selected as K-Global SNU Unicorn
    Selected as SNU Venture Builder
Company overview
Company Name Pyloneer
Business field / Registered Sector Energy, AIoT, Smartgrid, IT Solution
Address 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 08826
Date of Establishment 2022.10.14