What is smart-grid?
A next-generation power infrastructure system
that enables intelligent demand management,
linkage with renewable energy, and electric vehicle
charging by grafting information and communication
technology to the existing power grid and exchanging
real-time information in both directions between suppliers and consumers.
Global Status of EV industry.
  • EV sales
  • Charging place
Electric vehicles and their share are rapidly increasing worldwide.
Limited Power Source
Restrictions on expansion of power infrastructure and high cost
  • Limitation of Power Infra.
Limited Charging Spots
Low charger accessibility due to lack of charging spots.
  • Lack of Charging Spots
  • Lower accessibility
Lack of Convenience
Excessive time and effort spent on recharging
  • Re-parking
  • time consuming
Zeeing Overview
Smart grid technology and smart charging technology provide
the optimal charging experience according to the user's charging pattern.
  • Scan & Go
    EV charging start with QR scan
  • Automatic Charging
    24hrs A.I. automatic chargin service
  • Personalized Charging plan
    Finding my charging pattern
  • Power Management
    Secure power monagement service
  • Smart Data
    EV Management with smart data